Room & Reservations

In this tab (Hotelier > Settings > Rooms & Reservations) you can configure the room and reservation settings.

Room Settings

Room Size Unit 
The unit of the room size displayed on the front-end.

Listing Settings

Options that control the listing page settings.

Default Room Sorting 
Default room sorting on the  listing page.

Low Room Availability Threshold 
When the availability of the room (on the given dates) is less than or equal to this number a badge is displayed in the  listing page.

Show Rooms Unavailable 
Show rooms that are unavailable for the selected dates in the  listing page.

Room Images

These settings affect the display and dimensions of images in your website, but the display on the front-end will still be affected by the CSS of your theme. After changing these settings you may need to  regenerate your thumbnails.

Catalog Images 
The size of the  catalog thumbnail. It appears in room loops (room shortcodes and archives).

Single Room Images 
The size of the  single room thumbnail. It is the main image on your room details page.

Room Thumbnails 
The size of the  room thumbnail. It appears in the listing page.

Enable Lightbox for room images 
Room gallery images will open in a lightbox. With the awesome  PhotoSwipe plugin made by Dmitry Semenov.

Reservation Settings

Here you can set the booking mode and some other useful settings related to the booking process.

Booking Mode 
Choose the type of booking:

  • No booking - Show only the room details.
  • Manual booking - Guests will be able to request a reservation and the admin will approve or reject the booking manually.
  • Instant booking - Guests will be able to make a reservation without manual approval from the admin.

Show Additional Information 
Show the  arrival estimated time and the special requests field in the booking form.

Months in Advance 
Only allow reservations for "XX" months from current date (0 unlimited).

Arrival Date 
Arrival date must be "XX" days from current date.

Minimum Nights 
Minimum number of nights a guest can book.

Maximum Nights 
Maximum number of nights a guest can book.

Hold Reservation (minutes) 
Hold reservation (for unpaid reservations that require a deposit) for "XX" minutes. When this limit is reached, the pending reservation will be cancelled. Type "0" to disable. Reservations created by admin are not cancelled.