Seasonal Prices

In this tab (Hotelier > Settings > Seasonal Prices) you can configure the price schema of your seasonal rates. Rooms will have a default price (used when no rules are found) and a specific price for each season.

Each date range (a season) should have have a different price. And the last rule defined overrides any previous rules.

Let's say for example that you the following rules:

  • From 2016-12-25 to 2016-12-31
  • From 2017-01-01 to 2017-01-07
  • From 2017-07-02 to 2017-07-05
  • From 2017-08-01 to 2017-08-31
  • From 2017-08-15 to 2017-08-22

Creating/editing a room you will find (selecting Seasonal price in the room's price type) a field for the room's default price. And one field for each of the previous rules.

In this example, a room will cost  $55.00 the 26th of December, $65.00 the 1st of January, $77.00 the 4th of July, $88.00 the 13th of August, $110.00 the 17th of August and $45.00the other days.