This page (Hotelier > Settings > Tools) contains a set of useful tools that allow you to manage the WP Hotelier plugin. It is also an effective tool for troubleshooting issues with your site.

Install Hotelier Pages 
This tool will install all the missing WP Hotelier pages. Pages already defined and set up will not be replaced.

Send Test Email 
With this tool you can test if your WordPress installation is sending emails correctly.

Template Debug Mode 
This tool will disable template overrides for logged-in administrators for debugging purposes.

Cleanup Guest Sessions 
This tool will delete all guest session data from the database (including any current live booking).

Delete Completed Bookings 
This tool will delete all  completed bookings from the database.

Remove Data on Uninstall 
This tool will remove all WP Hotelier, rooms and reservations data when using the "Delete" link on the plugins screen.

Server Settings & Info 
This section provides general information about your server.