Stripe Payment Gateway - Configuration

In order to use the Stripe Payment Gateway extension, you must have a account and obtain your Stripe API keys. To create a Stripe account, visit the Stripe website and follow the instructions on that site. To get your API keys, check the Stripe documentation here.

Next, go to  Hotelier > Settings > Payment gateways and enable the Stripe gateway.

Then scroll down to the Stripe settings and insert your API keys.

Other options

Stripe description
The description the user sees during the booking.

Statement description 
This will appear on your customer's statement in capital letters.

Enable test mode
While in test mode no live transactions are processed. You can use it to make some tests.

Debug log
Log Stripe events in  Hotelier > Logs. Useful for troubleshooting.

Capture later
If this option is enabled, the charge issues an authorization and will need to be captured later. Remember: uncaptured charges expire in 7 days!

Detect captures and refunds

Captures and refunds made via your Stripe account can be automatically detected by WP Hotelier. When a refund is detected, the corresponding reservation is marked as " Refunded" and the rooms are available again. 

To enable this feature you need to add a new " Webhook URL" in your Stripe account. In your Stripe account, go to Stripe API > Developers > Webhooks and click on "Add endpoint".

Endpoint URL
For the URL, insert something like this:

Replace "" with the URL of your website.

Select "Latest API version".

Events to send 
Select charge.refunded. And if you're using Stripe in "Capture later" mode, select also charge.captured. Don't select that event in normal mode.