iCalendar Importer/Exporter - Overview

With the iCalendar Importer/Exporter extension you can now import your reservations from popular external services including Airbnb, HomeAway and Google Calendar. This will help you to prevent double bookings keeping a room occupancy up to date with an external calendar.


iCalendar Importer/Exporter works in two ways:

  1. You can import multiple .ics files from an external service for each room. This will sync external reservations for that room.
  2. You can export the calendar of the reservations made at your website to an external service like Google Calendar.

Import a calendar

To import an external calendar (or multiple calendars) edit a room and click on the Additional settings button. Inside that panel, you will be able to insert the URL of the .ics file you want to import. A cron job runs every 15 minutes to check if there are new reservations on that calendar.

Please note: only future reservations are imported.

Export a calendar

iCalendar Importer/Exporter automatically generates an iCal file for each room. You can use those URLs to export the reservations to an external service, like Google Calendar.

To see the URLs of your calendars go to Hotelier > Settings > iCalendar.

Enable log
Check this option to see a log of each iCalendar import in Hotelier > Settings > Logs.

Include pending reservations
By default, only confirmed reservations are export. Check this option to export pending reservations as well.

Include past reservations
Check this option to export past reservations.

Include reservations imported by iCalendar
Reservations imported by iCalendar are not exported. Only those created at your website with WP Hotelier. Check this option to include them.

Other notes

Please remember that WordPress crons are not real cron jobs. They are executed every time someone loads a page. To replace WordPress crons with a real cron job follow this tutorial.