Translate WP Hotelier

WP Hotelier already comes with some language translations, maintained directly by the Polyglots team. If yours isn’t included or is incomplete you can 1) join the Polyglots team and contribute or 2) you can create your own translation by following this guide. 

First, you need Poedit. You can download it for free here:
Copy in your computer the file in the WP Hotelier plugin found here:
You can also find an always updated version here: 
Open that file with Poedit, select the language of your translation (" Spanish" for example) and add your translations (please check the Poedit documentation).
When you have finished the translation, save a copy to your computer (" Poedit > Save as").  
The name must follow this rule: wp-hotelier-es_ES.po. Where es_ES is the code of your country. More info here.

This operation will create automatically a new file called Upload the two files (wp-hotelier-es_ES.po and in /wp-content/languages/plugins/wp-hotelier/ (create the folders if they don't exist).

Then change the language in WordPress going to Settings > General > Site Language.