Stripe Payment Gateway - Error on Checkout

If you have this error in the console:

Card Holder Name is a required field

Or something like:

IntegrationError: We could not retrieve data from the specified Element. Please make sure the Element you are attempting to use is still mounted

Recommended solution

Please contact the author of your theme because this means that the theme you're using is overriding some template files of WP Hotelier. This has to be fixed directly by the author of the theme.

Alternative solution

If the author is unable to provide a solution, you can try adding the fix on your own.
You have to look for the template to fix in the folder of your theme. The name of the template should be  payment-method.php (
This template was modified in July 2019 (so a long time ago) but despite that, there are still themes that have not made the necessary changes. Unfortunately, WP Hotelier has no control over this.
In any case, once you find the template, make sure that there are these 3 lines in the file:
If they are not there, insert them. This should solve the problem for good.
<?php if ( $gateway->has_fields() ) : ?>
    <?php $gateway->payment_fields(); ?>
<?php endif; ?>