Disable the Listing page

Since the version 2.7.0, the listing page can be disabled in Settings > Rooms & reservations > Listing Settings > Disable listing page

What does it mean?

This is useful if you decide to use the AJAX Room Booking widget in the single room pages and you do not consider necessary the listing page. 

For simple sites that have a few rooms (or just one) this solution can be ideal. Because the AJAX Room Booking widget allows you to add a room to the cart directly from its page, concluding the reservation on the booking page. Without having to go through the listing page.
Disabling the listing page involves a few things:
  • Every datepicker (excluding the one in the AJAX Room Booking widget) will link back to the homepage. Because the listing page will no longer exist. So it is recommended to remove all datepickers from your site (again, excluding the AJAX Room Booking widget one).
  • If you still have the old listing page in the menu, it will point to the homepage. It is recommended to remove it completely.
  • If you don't have any rooms in your cart, visiting the booking page directly will redirect you to the homepage. Because if you don't have anything in your cart there is no room you can book. Again, it is recommended to remove this page from the menu to avoid this. 
  • You must necessarily have a system to add rooms to the cart. The AJAX Room Booking widget was created for this. Otherwise, you will never be able to select a room and book it (see previous point).