General Settings

In this tab (Hotelier > Settings > General) you can configure the general settings of WP Hotelier.

Hotel Info

This controls the basic information of your hotel: the hotel's name and the location, the time for check-in and check-out, if pets are allowed and the accepted credit cards for payments made at the hotel.

Hotel Name 
The name of your hotel.

Hotel Address 
The address of your hotel.

Hotel Postcode 
The postcode/zip of your hotel.

Hotel Locality 
The locality of your hotel.

Hotel Telephone 
The telephone number of your hotel.

Hotel Fax 
The fax number of your hotel.

Hotel Email 
The email address of your hotel.

The time for check-in.

The time for check-out.

Check this option if pets are allowed in your structure.

Pets Instructions 
If you need to give some special instructions, use this option.

Hotelier Pages

WP Hotelier requires two pages to work: the  listing page and the booking page. When you install WP Hotelier it creates them for you. These are simple WordPress pages with a specific shortcode. But if you want something other than the default, just create a new page with your custom design and content and put the required shortcode on it. And select that page in the settings of course.

Listing Page 
This is the page where guests will see the rooms that are available for the selected dates. The  [hotelier_listing] shortcode must be on this page.

Booking Page 
This is the  booking page where guests will complete their reservations. The [hotelier_booking] shortcode must be on this page.

Hotelier Endpoints

Endpoints are appended to page URLs to handle specific actions during the booking process. They should be unique.

Reservation Received 
This endpoint is appended to the booking page to display the page guests are sent to after completing their reservation.

Pay Reservation 
This endpoint is appended to the booking page to display the payment form (for reservations generated by the admin).

Currency Settings

Options that affect how prices are displayed to your visitors.

Choose your currency. Note that some payment gateways have currency restrictions.

Currency Position 
Choose the position of the currency sign (after or before the number).

Thousands Separator 
This sets the thousand separator (usually , or .) of displayed prices.

Decimal Separator 
This sets the decimal separator (usually , or .) of displayed prices.

Number of Decimals 
This sets the number of decimals points shown in displayed prices.