Adding A Room

There is one thing to understand about rooms: a room represents a type of room or accommodation available at your hotel. For example, if your hotel offers three "double rooms" with the same price, amenities, etc., just create only one room and set the stock quantity to 3.

Adding a room

To create a new room go to  Rooms > Add New. You are presented with a familiar interface, similar to the post editing page. Just write a title and a description for the room.

You can add a short description to the room using the  Room Short Description field. Typically this appears on the listing page, archive pages of the room post type and room shortcodes. But some themes may show it in other pages.

The  Room Settings tab is where you insert the room data.

Room Type 
The type of the room.

The max occupancy of the room.

Maximum number of children.

Bed Size(s) 
The size of the bed(s).

Room Type 
The type of the room.

Stock Rooms 
The total number of this type of room available in the structure.

Additional settings
Additional room details. Developers can hook into here to add their own settings.