Standard Room

A standard room is a type of room with no  rates associated. To create a standard room you need to select Standard Room on the Room Type option. Then you can start to fill the room data in the Standard Room section.

You have three price options:

  • Global
  • Price per day
  • Seasonal price

With  Global you have the same price for all days of the week. With Price per day you have more control and you can set a different price for each day.

You can set a sale price for both type of prices.

With  Seasonal price you can set a price for each date range defined in Hotelier > Settings > Seasonal Prices.

In this example, a room will cost  $55.00 the 26th of December, $65.00 the 1st of January, $77.00 the 4th of July, $88.00 the 13th of August, $110.00 the 17th of August and $45.00the other days.

Required deposit 
With this option you can require a deposit at the time of booking.

Non cancellable? 
When checked, reservations that include this room will be non cancellable and non refundable.

You can insert some useful info about the room using the conditions fields. Typically they appear on the  listing page and in the single room page.